Airport – Fläche 5 indoor – Abflugterminal C Emirates Check-in


Gemiddeld dagelijks bereik

60 m2

7.63m x 7.85m



Are you ready for take off? At Düsseldorf Airport, the largest airport in North Rhine-Westphalia with up to 70,000 holidaymakers (72%) and business travelers (28%) per day, brands meet a top-class and cosmopolitan audience that is in an optimal mindset: alert, curious and open to advertising messages. The airport is a lively hub and a place of longing at the same time, so brands benefit from an exclusive environment with enormous appeal. A diverse audience is addressed here: high-income, highly educated and open to the world. This eye-catcher is located in Departures Terminal C next to the check-in for international flights. It is primarily holiday and business travelers who come here. They have to go through check-in and security and stroll through the restaurant and shopping area.