The Rubens


Gemiddeld dagelijks bereik

200 m2

40.00m x 5.00m



This one-of-a-kind Giant Poster is a three-sided BlowUP on the walking promenade between the Meir and the luxurious Schuttershofstraat, right in front of the popular museum Rubenshuis. The area around this unique BlowUP can be described as the beating heart of Antwerp´s city center, crowded by numerous people every day. Shoppers like to stroll around this area, visiting the many international known retailers and brands. Also, more luxurious brands like Rolex, Quartier, Armani have found their way to this area. Besides that, the BlowUP is situated in de midst of a busy restaurant and café square, which is frequently visited due to the close vicinity of the theatre. Give your campaign a unique head-on space in the commercial heart of Antwerp!