Traffic Tower - A59 (stadtauswärts)


Gemiddeld dagelijks bereik

160 m2

17.88m x 8.93m



In the middle of the Ruhrpott - the Ruhr area is the unmistakable region "deep in the west" and with around 5.1 million inhabitants the largest conurbation in Germany. The A59, which is frequented by business people and commuters, but also by shopping fans, students, families and culture lovers, is correspondingly busy. On the one hand, a structural change has taken place in the "Pott" towards a location for services, technology and knowledge, and on the other hand there is a lot to experience and to visit here. High-rope climbing between disused blast furnaces, hiking in spectacular industrial culture and decelerating nature, as well as shopping in the popular shopping centers and arcades. Brands on our 40 meter high Traffic Tower meet the typical Ruhrpott'ler: authentic, full of life, heart on sleeve and never at a loss for a casual saying.