Justdiggit x blowUP media Group

blowUP media expands its partnership with ecosystem restoration organization Justdiggit by launching campaigns all across Europe

Since April 2021, Justdiggit’s campaigns will be broadcasted on the largest and most impactful wide reaching digital screens in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Great Britain. Large-scale digital screens in 13 major European cities with a massive reach of 337.2 million people annually create maximum awareness for Justdiggit’s message: it is possible to re-green and cool down the planet.

Justdiggit empowers farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa to re-green their own degraded land. More vegetation leads to increased productivity of their farmland and – when applied at scale – helps to fight climate change. The project is supported by a strong network of partners and ambassadors, including the musician Thomas D and the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Desmond Tutu.

The brand uses a range of simple yet effective landscape restoration techniques to make dry land green again, such as harvesting rainwater (digging bunds) and restoring trees (Kisiki Hai). By bringing back vegetation, the soil stays healthy and fertile. This allows plants and trees to grow back and regreen an entire area.

“Protecting our climate is one of the most important challenges of our time. Through the impact of our digital screens across Europe, we create maximum awareness for the Justdiggit message and can help inspire people to think and act sustainably”, says Katrin Robertson, CEO of the blowUP media group.

“blowUP media is one of our long-standing partners and earliest supporter. We are pleased about the now even more intensive cooperation and the Europe-wide support. The power of blowUP media’s huge DOOH media will make a big contribution to anchoring our message in the consciousness of the urban target groups, and to create awareness for the most important topic of this decade: We must do everything we can to restore and protect the fragile ecosystems of our earth. Restoring nature is 37% of the solution to global warming”, says Wessel van Eeden, Global Marketing Director at Justdiggit.